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Write what should not be forgotten

C.S Lewis
Photo by Thuanny Gantuss

Welcome to Wonder Global !

I am Akshiitaa Bhardwaj and I am the head writer of Wonder.

Wonder Global is an abode to educational and motivational content. It is updated with new blogs every week ranging from poems, speeches, videos, articles, debates and tips and tricks to excel in your life and academics.

I warmly welcome you to the Wonder Global family.

” Hold on to your parchments and ink pots. Don’t let modernisation fade away the divine experience of writing on parchment with quills.

Dipping quills in the ink pots swiftly to immerse it in the ink pot, hands satined with ink and in pain for writing without rest; there is indeed some magic when a writer writes with a quill.”

Wonder Global truly captures the joy behind writing. From dark academia to light academia our blogs are bedecked with articles, stories, fables and biographies.

We are truly delighted to have you here. Kindly scroll down to view some featured posts handpicked by the author just for you. Happy reading !

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